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With Bait Alshames for Data Communications (BSISP) as your trusted partner, you now have access to strategic and technical expertise to deliver cutting edge, reliable and cost-effective solutions for planning, implementing and managing network, security and unified communications infrastructures.

As a leading provider of strategic technology solutions, BSISP provides expertise in the following areas:

We connect you with the world
Unified Communications

BSISP’s services provide unified communications, design, integration, deployment and management services to build unified communications infrastructure and networks that help increase productivity with an innovative and collaborative business environment using voice, data and video that will allow you to efficiently and effectively exchange internal and external data.

Data transfer
Network infrastructure

Networks are the core of any business. However, changing work methods and technologies, users and geographically dispersed locations, and multiple resource requirements can make it difficult for the network to keep up with them. BSISP progresses to ensure that your network is designed to provide the level of availability and performance required by your business

Protection of information
Security Solutions

BSISP provides consulting and operational services to protect your data through evaluation, repair, design, and implementation of effective corporate infrastructure. We develop a customized plan to secure your information and identify potential problems even before they happen.

Planning and follow-up
Managed Services

Businesses resort to outsourcing, as part of efforts to reduce cost and IT overhead. The investment and commitment is usually high, and the terms of agreement are typically inflexible. Our technologies takes the ‘client as partner’ approach with all our projects.

Technology of the future

We work in partnership with all major technology providers in the world

With Bait Ashames as your trusted partner, you now have access to strategic and technical expertise to deliver the latest, reliable and cost-effective solutions to plan, implement and manage your network, security and unified communications infrastructure.

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