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Security Solutions

Protection of information

Security Solutions

BSISP provides consultation and implementation services to safeguard your data via assessment, remediation, design, and implementation of effective enterprise infrastructures. We develop a customized plan to secure your information and identify potential problems even before they occur.

We can help you establish a data classification scheme for sensitive and critical information that includes protection and encryption requirements. Further, by integrating your existing assets and capabilities with new security management technologies, we help you develop an efficient plan that supports collaboration across the enterprise and ensure security of data.

How does a data security plan help? Here’s what it offers:

  1. Simplified protection of your valuable, business-critical and/or confidential data
  2. Controlled data access for collaboration and sharing
  3. Protection against corruption and interception with advanced encryption
  4. Reduced risk of regulatory noncompliance

Our Security Solutions include

Data security services | VPN Solutions | Identity and access management service | Physical security services | Secure Design services

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