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Lease Line Internet

Market Leading Dedicated Leased-line Internet access service offering unbeatable performance quality






Scalable speeds

Our plan is scalable from 1mbps to 500mbps or greater, allowing you to grow your connection along with your work

Reliable network

Our network is designed to provide reliable, high-speed data communications business. We monitor our network 24/7/365 to maintain a reliable service and ensure your business stays connected

Expanded coverage

We provide SHDSL, Fiber Optic ,PtP Wireless, MPLS, VDSL services to provide multiple speeds in multiple ways for your business

Security & Confidentiality

All traffic is secured by using AES encryption and ensuring your data is secure across our network

Service Details

Service details

  • Connect Optic fiber or Wireless as desire
  • From 1 mbps to 500 mbps or more, tell us your needs
  • Unlimited download quota.
  • Ask for your initial offer via the form below.

Service Plan

You can customize your requested service with one or more of the following additional services:

  • Public IP‪ (/28 subnet‬ or more‪)‬ is excellent for server hosting.
  • “VPN” management allows us to securely link to your site without having to incur costs of equipment.
  • Optional backup link to maintain business continuity by connecting to our network via a diverse route.
  • BGP is instructed to contact multiple providers for maximum operating time.
  • Bandwidth Symmetry.
  • Priority technical support.
  • The company also relies on the best service policy and without any commitment from the participant in the first week of testing the service to be the principle of work based on mutual trust as it worked to provide the best ways and modern techniques of the Internet to provide this sector

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